As Scia’s Divisione Tessuti, we always try to help the clients find the best product and we assist you in the different phases of the project to realize your ideas in the best possible way!

Curtains and prints for “Fatto Bene. Una mostra per Apprezzare il Buon Design”

For “Fatto Bene. Una mostra per apprezzare il Buon Design.” we were asked to make the curtains at the entrance to the Basilica of San Celso. The client’s request was to have a fabric that would stand out in the outdoor space and be soft enough to move with the wind and resistant to create a tent effect with the logo print. The color of the latter had to coincide with the color palette selected for the visual identity of the exhibition.

The selected fabric is a satin with a polyester (34%) and cotton (66%) composition in H 280 cm. Given the height and composition of the fabric, we have proposed a type of print that is technically and aesthetically suitable for the support: to guarantee the right shade of color and the required effect we decided to proceed with a full color CMYK screen printing process.

Ph. Matteo Bellomo e Stefania Zanetti

Sewing Workshop “Uscita di Sicurezza”, Cascina Cuccagna

Scia’s Divisione Tessuti also participates in social responsibility projects! In 2022 we decided to help Cascina Cuccagna with the Uscita di Sicurezza (Emergency Exit) project, dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of detained women into society through activities and workshops. We therefore donated part of our stock of natural fabrics for the sewing workshop of the project. 

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