When we work with our customers we always aim to understand what are the characteristics that the final product must have on an aesthetic and performative level. We propose solutions that are the results of in-depth research work. 

We offer consulting services as a style office, with research of trends and materials, the creation of exclusive patterns, colour-matching, renderings and fabric samples, among others. Furthermore, we can also help the customer on projects already started (with a defined budget, material, concept, etc.), for customized prints, sample colors or specific processes.

If you are interested in our consulting and processing services, whether you are a company or a young professional (designers, architects, but also anyone is looking for something special for his/her product), you can contact us.


Our fabric processing is designed according to the customer need and in line with its application.

From the more traditional ones such as anti-slip coating, water repellency or preparation for printing and bleaching on natural fabrics, to more specific processes such as sanforization.

The characterization of the product and its performance are fundamental aspects, which is why our services are specifically designed for each project.

Scia’s Luxury is the new 100% Made in Italy Scia’s brand that offers a line of embroidery applied on all our fabric bases.

We provide the customer with a collection of basic embroideries studied and selected by our team. We also offer the possibility of creating a completely customized embroidered fabric, designed in line with the client needs and the product application.

The naturalness of our fibers is maintained and embellished by the art of continuous embroidery, if you want to find out more click here.

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